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Director, Scrubz of London

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I highly recommend these products for those at their wits end with problematic skin including rosacea, inflammation, redness, dryness and sensitivity, as well as for you dancers whose skin needs some TLC after the busy festive season. Daily use of the following along with a gentle cleanser has helped completely clear up rosacea which I thought was a chronic issue:

This is her Instagram review


Bellydancer, @bellydancebymolly

I love these products! Nina has created a huge range of different flavours and they’re all brilliant. Managed to transform my skin immediately from reptile-like to silky smooth. Love all of them but ones I use a lot are the pomegranate banana avocado and lime soursop raspberry and the apricot, oh and one of the new ones aloe Vera. Do give them a try and feel the immediate benefit to your skin and help the amazing Nina with her new business. Niki

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Niki Cassidy

Director of sales & Marketing, Rigs & Gigs

Scrubz of London

❤A big thanks to Beauty Influencer @hannahtheamputee. Can’t wait to finally meet in person and her more flavour’s to try! Check out her page! She is an amazing, inspiring, beautiful & fearless young lady! Nuff respect!????????

This is the Video review she left on our Instagram


Blogger, @Hannahtheamputee

Oh yes !!! 
I have been using the scrubs for 1 month now and I absolutely love them ???? my skin become more soft and delicate. I start to wash my face daily with the scrub and I can definitely see a big difference, my skin becomes more clean and bright!!

Recomand !!! Recomand !!! Recomand!!!


Instagram, @lashesbycleopatralondon

These scrubs are just majestic. They weren’t too rough on my skin, which made them enjoyable to use and I did not have to worry about bruising or scarring. After my first use, my skin felt soft like a baby’s bottom,???? I was left with the most radiant glow that I hadn’t seen before, and I’m on a mission to maintain it. Honestly, guys, I feel like I had a whole new skin. I honestly can’t believe this is just £4.99 yet it does the job of a scrub worth at least £35! I am truly impressed with these scrubs, and I’m definitely a fan. Also, I tasted some of the scrubs and they are DELICIOUS! I’m now left feeling a bit conflicted because, on the one hand, I want my skin to be beautiful, but on the other hand, I want to spread them on a buttered scone and eat till I’m full.???????? I’m definitely going to be expanding my collection and get them all.????????



For my event, Nina provided samples of 5 different flavours for our swag bags! The scrubs smelled sooooooo goood and very refreshing!!! Nina was very professional as welll!!

Jori Thorns

Product Influencer, Hair by Jori

Your Avocado @ Lime Scrubz is my favourite, and my nieces love the Strawberry and the Cucumber. The fact that these products are 100% natural is a big plus for me, as my skin is susceptible to breakouts.

I was so impressed with the results, I have made another booking for a Scrubz face massage.

I honestly can’t wait, to sit back and de-stress, Nina is one of the nicest people you could ever wish to meet.

I highly recommend Scrubz products!

Don Jordan

Director, Powerful Photography

I have tried the products from Scrubz of London and absolutely love them I also have the pleasure of knowing Nina.

Sarah Milner

Loved the way my skin felt after just using it once, so fresh and rejuvenated, can’t wait to try some of the other flavours 

Stefan Mullings

Oven Rescue

Fantastic natural product!

Marcia Degia

Former Pride Magazine Editor - Editor, The Kol Social & Kol Cosmetics

These scrubs are a big 5 from me. They are natural and make a difference to your skin. I use them for my body. Thank you, Nina, for the wonderful products. My favourite so far is Lemon and Honey

Sophie Davis

We have tried a range of this Scrubz. They smell amazing and leave your skin feeling so soft. We would highly recommend Scrubz of London!

Moor Hair

Director, Moor Hair

Scrubz of London wow where do I start. Fantastic range of flavours and feels so good on the skin, it’s fresh and a product I would recommend to anyone. Keep up the good work Nina

Kevin Francis

Love this product I suffer psoriasis and unlike any prescribed medication Scrubz keeps it at bay..also I wear glasses which causes irritation to my face Scrubz clears this up to..it’s a wonder treatment for me

Jo Huggins

Just done a Scrubz coffee and honey face pack! 
Wow, my skin feels soft dewy taught and glowing!

Go Scrubz! Can’t wait to do a hand and foot scrub later!

Lisa Anno

I scrubbed my face using the Banana
Scrub, then leave it on for a couple minutes then I rinse with warm water .then towel dry…
My Skin felt soft and moisturised 

which is vital for this time of year
great product and good price
And I would recommend it

Paulette 'Peggy'Brown

I purchased a mix of the facial and body scrubs from Nina and highly recommend them. They are natural and organic, really change the feel of dry skin. Since using my face has become a lot clearer and smoother so now apply less foundation. Nina also presents the Scrubs in classy packaging and can see all ingredients from labels so you know no nasties have been used. love the products and Scrubz all the way. Avocado and Lime is my favourite. Thank you, Nina!!

Simone Davis

The product was brilliant and it cleared the dead skin away. Natural fruit products highly recommended

Simon Renato Brown

I used Scrubz on my Keloid and it worked well. I introduced my wife to Scrubz and she really enjoyed using the Strawberry flavour.
My son age 14 was also introduced to Scrubz and as long as he eats fewer sweets and drinks water, Scrubz helps clear up his teenage spots and markings.

Paulanthony Skerrett

  1. Amazing product!! From my dad who’s 66 to my niece who’s 15, these are suitable for everyone. love that’s it’s so natural and homemade, and a bonus to support a business in our local community. 
Sarah Harman

Cosmetics For Charity

I used the strawberry scrub on my face and it was absolutely lush. It left my skin feeling so so soft and the smell was amazing. I’m totally impressed because I’m very wary about what I put on my face….but this scrub, being completely natural is exactly what I needed. Thanks, Nina Simão

Saira Shariff

Scrubz of London is like a holiday for the skin! And one that you can afford to take every day!

Don’t miss out….check them out now! 

David Olokun

Met Nina (Scrubz of London) at a project event I was having, and she gave me some samples of scrubs in a nice bag which was very stylish, I used the samples and was very impressed and really love the smell of the lemon and chocolate one on my body.

Oistina Romeo

Was really great on the skin smooth feeling .
My itching skin has calmed down a lot.
A great product.

Amoon Sirlordcommix Andrews

Dj, Sir Lord Comixx

I use Scrubz of London to wash and shave with. I can tell you it works a treat, My 16-year-old son has used it for his teenage spots and it has helped Simply try it, The proof is always in the pudding. I have tried a few of the favours, but the Strawberry works for me the best

Tennyson Goulbourne

Every Sunday without fail, I massage my whole body top to toe in Scrubz of London! It’s become a vital part of my Queen Routine and I just love it!

Kehryse Johnson-Fraser

Tried a lot of stuff over the years due to having sensitive skin. But Scrubz followed by coconut oil as you recommend does the trick????????

I received the goody bag in the post. Feels like Christmas in August. I don’t know which one to open first.???????? thanks again. Stay blessed and all the best with Scrubz of London.


Nina is a lovely lady I met at work who kindly gave me some to try I loved them they smell good enough to eat and are fantastic on the body. Will Definitely be using these again.

Bex Gee


I am a devoted Scrubzer!!

I can’t start my day without my Scrubz, especially, blackberry, pomegranate, honey and lemon, mango, actually all of them ????.

Can’t recommend these enough to everyone I know! My skin feels so soft and smooth.

Excited to see what comes next in the range ????


Emma J McRae

Director, Makeup by Emma M

Lol its soooo good, you use it on your body but its just as good to eat. Natural and delicious.

Eromillag Elsa Gallimore

Love these products!!! Ordered a few Scrubz and they are 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥


Director, Slimfit Menswear

I’ve received my Scrubz Of London yesterday and wow! I’m in love with all the cocoa, banana, strawberry, cucumber & coffee flavours that I purchased. The smell is lush …
I actually felt like eating them ahahah
I’ve decided to start with the strawberry one and noticed that my face & body were more fresh and smooth after using it. 
My daughter tried the cucumber flavour and was also happy to have the same result…The fact they’re all natural n’ handmade is making me more in love ;);) 
Can’t wait to try the other flavours too. Very good job Scrubz Of London! Will come back for more. Wishing you the best, Nina 

Princess Akaw Danielle Akwa

Director, Dea Akwa