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About Us

Hi my name is Nina

I would just like to take the opportunity to tell
you a little bit about how I came up with the concept.
It first began in August 2016 when I had a brainwave idea in my kitchen, to make my very own Lemon & Honey Scrub.

It was so good!
It made my skin so unbelievably soft!  So soft I kept touching my skin in disbelief.

Within a week, I quickly progressed to making 3 other flavours Cucumber, Redcurrant, & Strawberry that I had sourced from the family allotment we have had for over 25 years.

Within two weeks I then came up with the name, Scrubz of London & registered it as a business.

Two months passed, I implemented 20 new SCRUBZ flavours to the range with this figure now rising to well over 39 and still counting. I will be staggering the flavours to keep it current, fresh and exciting.

Soon after registering my business I was told the devastating news that my mother had lung cancer, and within a little, under 2 years my mother sadly passed away. Veronica Lee is now my angel of inspiration, and her guidance, strength & courage have made me even more determined to make this business my success story.

My late mother my angel of inspiration, my other guardian angel (my step-father, Steven Mayes) were both keen gardener’s and often tended to the allotment where from time to time I would offer a helping hand.

I feel close to them both there and so a number of the Scrubz flavours when in the season have been handpicked from the natural resources that have transpired from both of their efforts and hard work.

My goal is to not only make Scrubz of London a success but also to open a charity to help people that are in need of a guiding hand, & assist them to become the people that they once believed they were.

With Love,


Dedication to my Mum

“You are my strength but also my weakness! I miss you so much! I still don’t believe you’ve gone!?
I don’t think the pain will ever fade away! Even in time!? You were there to see Scrubz at the start,
but I wish you could have stayed the whole journey with me! X”

Treat yourself

to our wonderful handmade natural products, they are literally good enough to eat.

(But not recommended!)


Stuck for ideas?

Our Scrubz goodie bags make the perfect gift.

Why Choose Scrubz

Handmade natural face and all over body Scrubz made with passion and care. 

Ingredients sugar & coconut oil, 100% real fruits, almond oil, honey, ginger & vitamin E oil and salt. Over 39 flavours and still counting.


Skin Health Benefits

Scrubz not only gives you beautiful glowing skin and helps relieve skin issues such as psoriasis, urticaria and keratosis pilaris, Rosacea, Blemishes, Scar Tissue and Ingrown Hair.


Scrubz of London will tailor-make variations for vegans and for those who suffer from allergic reactions to certain ingredients, such as almonds and peanuts. 

Fresh Glowing Appearance

Exfoliating helps your skin look smoother and more youthful, it also reduces any chance of breakouts on your face and neck.

Reduce Stress

The natural flavours of the fruits mixed with the natural oils will not just soothe your skin, but also help to remove stress from your mind, it really is a win win.

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